Assessment for Learning 

Here at Ysgol Llansansior we empower children to become confident learners who know how to learn. All staff currently implement a range of effective strategies from assessment expert Shirley Clarke to help transform learning through formative assessment.

Here are some of what we do throughout our school;

  • Growth mindset 
    Each class have lessons in growth mindset. We aim to help pupils understand that their intelligence can be grown or developed with persistence and effort and can help them to become resilient and successful learners.


  • No ability groups 
    Pupils choose their own level of challenge and assess which learning zone they are in.


  • Learning powers


  • Talking partners 
    Pupil talk is central to active learning, giving children opportunity to talk with others allows them to share ideas and gradually develop higher- level talk. Talking partners are changed weekly.


  • Rewards 
    We no longer use extrinsic rewards, instead we have ‘The Golden Frame.’ Work that the pupils or their teacher is proud of, will get photographed in ‘The Golden Frame’ and will be uploaded on to that pupil’s learning journal on Seesaw for that pupil’s parents to see. We often send pupils in to other classes to share their good work with others. This gives our pupils a big sense of achievement as praise is done in the moment and it’s led children to become more self- motivated.

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