Welcome to Class 3

     Class Teachers: Mrs G Lloyd and Mrs R Fotios


          Class 3 has Year 5 and 6 pupils. We currently have 19 pupils altogether;            six Year 6 and 13 Year 5. Class 3 has two teachers who have set 

           days during the working week.Both teachers share the responsibility   

           for the teaching of Literacy, Numeracy and ICT.



          Mrs Lloyd is responsible for Art, Craft, D&T and Religious Education.               Mrs Fotios is responsible for Science, Welsh, Humanities and Physical                Education. 

          We have six different Topics usually on a two year Cycle, one topic per 

          term. Both Year groups work alongside each other,studying the same

          topic but have differentiated work to suit their ability! We aim to make

          the learning fun, interesting and challenging!  







                  Making instruments for our Whit Walk 
Look at some of the exciting things we we did last half term

Did you know that King Henry VIII had six wives and three of them were named Catherine ? 

Did you know that Tudor crime 
punishments were much harsher
than they are today? 

Last term , our topic was The Tudors. We learnt all about Henry VIII, his six wives and  and Queen Elizabeth I.  

We made a menu for King Henry VIII's banquet - did you know that honey was used to sweeten food and drinks. It was much cheaper than sugar and it was also used to preserve fruit for up to a year.

We have been looking at portraits of Queen Elizabeth I. It was very important the artists painted them nicely. We interesting found out that Queen Elizabeth used to put lead on her face to cover her small pox scars - little did she know, this was actually posinoning her ! 

Queen Elizabeth had very black teeth because she loved sweet and sugary foods. This showed her wealth, many Tudors often blackened their teeth, because it was a sign that you were rich. 

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