In class, we have been learning all about the sixties. We have loved finding out about the first moon landing in 1969. We decided to use the Green screen with Mrs Fotios to create a news interview with the first team of  Welsh Astronauts to land on the moon and place the Welsh flag there. 

We have been getting very Scientific in Class 3! As part of our space topic, we have been investigating what factors affect the size of a  meteor crater. For this each group identified different variables; does the substance of the meteorite affect the size of its crater? Does the height dropped from or the distance from the planet make a difference? Our results were very interesting! 

Another exciting investigation was to get 'Egg Sheeran' safely back to his planet in the safest way. For this we looked at contributing factors that might affect his return journey. We tabulated and graphed our  results and had fun writing our conclusive account. N.B. Unfortunately not all 'Egg Sheeran's made it back safely. 

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