Cyflwyniad i'r Criw Cymraeg
        An introduction to Criw Cymraeg


Pwy ydym ni? Who are we? 

Beth ydym ni'n wneud? What do we do?

We are the Criw Cymraeg of Ysgol LlansanSior. We have one member from each class from Year 2 to Year 6 in our crew.  You will be able to spot us around the school as each member wears a Criw Cymraeg lanyard  Our responsibility is to promote the Welsh language throughout our school. 

We meet every week and decide upon the Welsh phrase of the week for all classes. We also discuss new Welsh playground games and new vocabulary. We often do wall trawls to see where more Welsh can be displayed in and around our school. We encourage others to use and extend their Welsh. We hold weekly services where we share the new phrase of th week and discuss any progress made on the Siarter Iaith. We respond to the weekly questions children have asked on our Siarter Iaith graffiti wall. We also hand out tocyn iaiths to children who we hear have been using Welsh around the school. 

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