It's Good to be Green!

In Class 1 we use the Good to be Green behaviour system. This is a flexible scheme that promotes positive behaviour in the classroom. Good behaviour is always recognised and rewarded. 

As a class we have put together a charter of rules which each child has agreed to follow along with our schools Golden Rules. 

Here's how it works;

At the start of each day all the children start on green. If a child is misbehaving or not following our rules then they are given a verbal warning, if they continue they will be given a yellow warning card and the consequence for this is to miss some of their play time. If the child decides to continue to not follow the rules they will be given a red card, miss all of their play and a note will be sent home. 

There are some behaviours that lead straight to a red card and all children are made aware of these. 

There are many rewards that can be given out using the Good to be Green scheme including stickers and certificates. Children are also able to get back onto Green by displaying positive behaviour. It is a clear, visual scheme that children understand. 

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