Talk for Writing

In St George, we use Talk for Writing, which was developed by Pie Corbett, to support the development of our writing. It is based on how children learn by enabling the children to imitate the language before analysing it and writing their own version.

There are three main stages in Talk for Writing with the aim of the process being to create confident and independent writers. 


In this stage we learn a model text from a text map,  creating actions to support  their recall of key words and phrases. We then do a range of activities to develop our understanding of the text, developing our skills as both a reader and a writer. In this phase, we also create our writing toolkits by identifying the features the writer has used.


Once the children are confident with the text, we start crafting our own by changing aspects of the original. This could be changing characters or settings,  using flashbacks and  writing prequels or sequels. During this stage, the teacher will model the writing process before the children have a go writing their own. The editing process is important here and we often make changes to our work with a green pen.


Finally, we plan and write our own text showing our understanding of that particular text type. 

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